I Hate Valentine’s Day with Suzie, Mariel Buckley, Ivan Coyote, Veda Hille and Sarah MacDougall

“Remember the trauma of looking in your little paper pouch and finding a few piddly Valentines? Ever broken up on the day of love? Does your partner think an earthquake kit is a romantic gift? Do you hate Hallmark for making you feel so alone on a day made for fake fairy tale endings? Come join us on the day before Valentine’s Day to express our penchant for heartache and woe and a more authentic celebration of love.

Suzie will be playing a set of songs interspersed with songs and stories from her talented friends: Mariel Buckley, Ivan Coyote, Veda Hille and Sarah MacDougall.

Can’t make it on February 13? Never fear, this show will be available to ticket holders for 48 hours after the broadcast.”

The event is finished.


Feb 13 2021


8:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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