Is there any cost to submit an event?

Nope. This is a labour of love. This site is totally free to use and events are not curated.

The only catch is events have to be arts-related, live-streamed and feature Edmonton artists. 

Please be patient as I’ll do my best to get your event approved as soon as I can (generally within 48 hours). This is a solo operation for now, but if you’d like to help make this space better, let me know.

Who made this and why?

My name is Dave Von Bieker and I’m an Edmonton musician with no live venues to play for the foreseeable future while the COVID-19 Pandemic keeps us all in our homes. This site is part of how I’m “making lemonade”. We artist have always adapted, so we are using the internet as our venue. I want you to know about as many of these shows and streams as possible so that we can all support one another through these strange days.

How did you make this site?

I’m a graphic and web designer as well as a musician, running Dave Von Design from home. I build a lot of websites and many of them, like this one, run on WordPress. If you need a website, some marketing help or some graphic design, let’s chat.

I found an error – how do I let you know?

“I made a lot of mistakes”

Sufjan Stevens, Chicago

If you find an error on this site, please email me at dave@vonbieker.com and I’ll do my best to rectify it quickly.

How can I support these artists?

Many of these streams will include information about supporting the artists financially. Often, artists use a ‘tip jar’ – for example, a Paypal.me link. You can simply click their link and tip them any amount you would like.

Watching and sharing these streams – even after they’re no longer ‘live’ – also helps artists a lot. Finally, consider buying music or merch from these artists. Some even have special deals running during the Pandemic.

How can I support this site?

The costs to run this site are minimal, but I do pay for hosting and the domain name, not to mention my time. I think our local arts community is totally worth these personal investments, but like all artists, these are lean times for me overall.

If you’d like to make a small donation to support this work, I’m accepting those at paypal.me/vonbieker or by eTransfer to dave@vonbieker.com.


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