Wildfire Teen Improv Festival

“Wildfire is Rapid Fire Theatre’s annual teen improv festival, made up of three different events: The Nosebowl High School Theatresports Tournament, The Alberta Regionals of the Canadian Improv Games, and The Wildfire Junior.”

Play the Game

Play the Game is live-streamed from our homes to yours! Two teams of comedians compete in a challenging game of mental acuity, physical dexterity, millinery, and … kitchen appliances? Play the Game! is an improv game show! Two teams compete in rounds of skill-testing games and side-splitting improv. Cheer your team (and jeer the other … Read more

Dot Dot Dot

“Best friends since high school, Joleen Ballendine and Jessie McPhee have been improvising together for over a decade. Dot Dot Dot is a format that focuses on relationships, huge characters, and intricate connections between people.”

Let’s Write a Sketch!

This show is live-streamed from our homes to yours! Join Rapid Fire Theatre’s own Paul Blinov for a relaxed Sunday afternoon of sketch writing! Follow along in the comments section to help write the sketch, live! It’s like Bob Ross for comedy!


Join Sarah Ormandy and Marg Lawler in LOLMANDY, an improv duo who LOVE to take your suggestions!