Trying To Be Free Release Gathering

Trying to Be Free event poster

“A gathering of wounded souls around the firelight of songs and words. Join Von Bieker and others from Canada and the US as we celebrate the release of Trying To Be Free while “kicking at the darkness” of religion “without walking away from everything”. Featuring: Music from Von Bieker, Alright Alright, Emmet Michael and Josh Barkey. … Read more

Art’s Birthday Edmonton 2021

“Art’s Birthday originated in 1963 when French surreal artist Robert Filliou declared that art didn’t exist until a million years ago when someone dropped a dry sponge into a pail of water. Choosing his own birthday of Jan. 17 to celebrate the event, Filliou proposed a public holiday in celebration of art. It has since been adopted by participants in more than 20 countries.”